To be the best Fire, Rescue and EMS Training College by providing quality accredited training to the individual and to companies. To deliver a professional Ambulance Service of the highest standard and create opportunities and promote a sense of well-being and sustainable growth to our people and to instill a work ethnic within our nation.

Impact Emergency Technologies cc is a private company, which enables us to deliver services without traditional restrictions. Originally established as a provider of the Basic Ambulance Course, Impact grew into an International Accredited Training College that provides training for Professional Fire Fighters, Ambulance Personnel and Basic Emergency Training as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Since then Impact Emergency Technologies cc has extended and Impact Medical Response was registered as an intermediate ambulance service.

Impact Emergency Technologies Group is a competitive entity, who provides a professional but affordable service. We are a “Proudly South African” company who believe in our land and our people. In the light of this: “We do not copy cat international trends and fee structures, we deliver a service that is uniquely, in South Africa – for South Africans.”

Our Mission is to deliver the highest standard of customer service in our diverse ventures and to never lose sight of our most important person: THAT IS YOU!